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Surrender-Live at the Village Cafe

Not the best audio quality but a decent performance.  Man i was nervous. This was the first time playing live in a decade.

12- Autumn- Demos and Crap

Another fun old song with me messing around on the Rhodes.

10-Craving- Demos and Crap

So back when I quit smoking that one time for real I wrote a song about it. It’s terrible.

09- Dissonance- Demos and Crap

Meh, could be something there if I could remember how I played it.

08- Doobie- Demos and Crap

Not a half bad idea for a song. Maybe one to re-evaluate and put words and a melody to.

07- Heist- Demos and Crap

Holy shit this is terrible. It’s like the bastard child of Duran Duran and a discarded banana peel.
WTF was I thinking with that drum beat. And again….NEVER LET ME PLAY LEAD GUITAR.

06- I Can’t Do Without Love- Demos and Crap

This is a perfect example why the title of this section is Demos and Crap.

05- Jose Canseco- Demos and Crap

This is a cover of a song my younger brother Wes wrote. It’s not bad….I should never play lead guitar. Ever.

04- New Frolic- Demos and Crap

This is hilarious because the title implies (correctly) that there was an old frolic song (or just plain frolic). I have no idea where the original went but it probably wasn’t worth keeping anyway. As i listen to this it’s not a terrible idea. Maybe I’ll try to put a melody and words to it.

03- Processional- Demos and Crap

Two good friends of mine got married and wanted me to write the processional music. This was such an inspired piece and such an honor to produce.